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Feb 15, 2017 ... The OGC Community Standard Process ... A de facto standard is something that is used so widely that it is considered a .... Recent blog posts.

The OGC Community Standard Process

For many years, the OGC associates discussed and struggled with defining a process and set of related policies for accommodating submission of widely used, mature blueprint developed outside the OGC standards development and approval process. Examples of these blueprint are GeoTIFF, GeoJSON*, and GeoRSS. Such blueprint are often termed as “de facto” standards. A de facto accepted is something that is used so widely that it is considered a accepted for a given application although it has no official status. The focus of the OGC discussions was to define a more lightweight process by which outside (non-OGC) groups as able-bodied as OGC member organizations could feel comfortable submitting blueprint developed outside the OGC into the formal OGC standards process. The four driving use cases for the Community Standards process are:

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Apr 24, 2008 ... By Eric Goldman. Standard Process, Inc. v. Banks, 2008 WL 1805374 (E.D. Wis. April 18, 2008). SEOs and SEMs have known for years that ...

CRISP-DM – a Standard Methodology to Ensure a Good Outcome

This ingredient list can be accessible if you are looking for a supplement with a specific ingredient. Standard Process products are listed according to the amount of ingredient present per perle, capsule, tablet, wafer, etc.

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A Clearer, Brighter, and Lighter Home: Detox Your Cleaning Cupboard. Fans of our 21-day purification program have compared it to a spring-cleaning for the ...

Court Says Keyword Metatags Don’t Matter–Standard Process v. Banks

Fans of our 21-day purification affairs accept compared it to a spring-cleaning for the body, in which we eliminate the “junk” and replace it with absolute nutrition. The purification affairs is designed to cleanse our bodies internally by supporting the organs of detoxification. That helps abode toxins we ingest, but how can we keep external toxins that we are exposed to in our homes at bay? Keeping a clean home is a start, but be abiding that the charwoman products you use are not allotment of the problem.* “Not only do we need to detox our bodies due to various exposures, we should also consider detoxing the home, abnormally the kitchen, from adverse chemicals,” said Dr. Georgia Nab, Standard Process wellness chiropractor. “Many household cleaners contain chemicals that are not only harsh on our body, hence the warnings on the containers, but harsh on our environment.” There are approximately 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S., and many of these are adverse toxins that exist in charwoman supplies. As we dust and deodorize, we are exposed to these products that are generally laden with unhealthy or alike poisonous capacity that can accept damaging effects on the bark and respiratory system. Alike the most common charwoman supplies, such as laundry detergent and dishwasher soap, contain damaging chemicals that can pose threats to our health. The first step in reducing household toxins is to note which products to avoid. Let’s booty a attending at some examples of what we could purge from the supply cabinet. Toxic charwoman supplies to abstain include: 1. Bleach 2. Glass cleaner 3. Conventional laundry detergent 4. Drain cleaner 5. Chlorine-based dishwasher soap 6. Conventional air fresheners 7. Conventional candles After we rid our homes of these products, we can begin to restock our cabinets with nontoxic charwoman solutions. There are many products and do-it-yourself solutions that clean our homes without risking our health. “Most household charwoman can be done simply with vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water,” Dr. Nab said. Eco-Friendly Detergents and Soaps There are many eco-friendly, organic charwoman solutions on the market. From multipurpose cleaners to laundry detergents, most of these products use accustomed and biodegradable ingredients. Be careful though, as packaging can be deceiving. It is important to read the ingredient labels, and if you’re unsure of specific ingredients, attending them up or check out product reviews at the Environmental Working Group website. 
DIY Solutions Many common household items and cooking supplies bifold as charwoman agents. Baking soda, lemon juice, and alkali are examples of nontoxic capacity that can naturally disinfect, deodorize, or alike remove stains. Here are three homemade cleaner recipes to get you started: Sink or Tub Scrub • 1 allotment baking soda • 1 allotment water • 1 allotment liquid Castile soap In a bowl, combine all capacity and stir. Any leftover cleaner can be stored in a closed glass jar, but be abiding to leave room for expansion.  Glass Cleaner • ½ cup white vinegar • ½ cup water • Essential oils or lemon juice (optional for scent) To a spray bottle, add all ingredients. Tighten the cap and agitate to mix. Laundry Fabric Softener • 3 cups white vinegar • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol • 20 drops accustomed aroma or essential oil In a glass jar, combine all ingredients. Secure the lid and agitate to mix. Essential Oils Essential oils accept a variety of uses as deodorizers and purifying agents. Many oils can be added to the DIY charwoman recipes to enhance the charwoman power and provide a great scent. Germ-fighting oils include tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and thyme. Lemon oil and wild orange oil act as great cleansers and grease fighters. These oils will help keep our homes clean, and the scents offer an aromatherapeutic effect to cleanse our bodies and minds as well. Final Tips The last step we must booty in spring-cleaning is addressing any other pollutants in our homes. Here are some final tips for eliminating toxins this season: 1. Check faucets and pipes for leaks that could account mold. 2. Store aliment in glass storage containers. 3. Replace old air filters. 4. Replace old architecture brushes. 5. Use accustomed candles, such as those fabricated from soy or beeswax. 6. Open windows to ensure adequate ventilation and indoor air quality. Alike the cleanest of homes can use a detox. By being more mindful about what products we use to clean our homes and workspaces, we can be clean and healthy inside and out. Use these helpful resources to learn more: Fabric softener, from Overthrow Martha Essential oils for green cleaning, from Hello Glow Cleaning products to avoid, from The Paleo Mama

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CRISP-DM – a Standard Methodology to Ensure a Good Outcome. Posted by William Vorhies on July 26, 2016 at 9:15am; View Blog. Summary: To ... The process or methodology of CRISP-DM is described in these six major steps. 1. Business ...

Concluding My 21 Day Cleanse

When defining the policies and procedures for processing candidate association standards, the membership agreed that accepting as light-weight as possible action was extremely important. Therefore, abounding “normal” OGC procedures are not required for Association Standards. These include formal Standards Working Group formation, complying with the OGC Modular Specification policy, and accepting compliance tests. Add in the fact that the OGC cannot change the normative content of a association standard and the net result is that the effort to move a association standard through the OGC action is considerably less than for a full standard. As a result, instead of 18 to 24 months to get a standards document through the OGC process, a association standard could – from submission to approval – be processed in as little as 6 months.

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Dec 28, 2016 ... Concluding My 21 Day Cleanse. New to this site? This is one of 4 posts on my 21 Day Standard Process Purification experience. If you haven't ...

A Clearer, Brighter, and Lighter Home: Detox Your Cleaning Cupboard

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Research and Development Blog. We'll take you behind the scenes into the jungle of research and lead you out again so you can be a savvier nutrition science ...

Standard Process Supplements versus Synthetics

A Community standard is an official position of the OGC acknowledging a specification or standard developed external to the OGC. A Community standard is considered to be a normative standard by the OGC membership and becomes allotment of the OGC Standards Baseline. A key consideration for a Community standard is that there must be strong evidence of implementation. The OGC does not take over the maintenance of the specification. Rather a Community Standard is a “snapshot” of a mature specification and the continued evolution and maintenance of the specification remains with the external group. Further, by appointment the specification into the OGC Community Standards process, there is no requirement to make any normative changes to the document; i.e. the external version and the OGC version of the document can remain identical. Finally, the originator has either shared the Intellectual Property Rights with the OGC or accepted unlimited free use of the Intellectual Property to all implementers.

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*Any comments on our blog or websites relating to weight loss results may or may not be typical and your results will vary depending on your diet and exercise  ...

SAP Activate – Explore Phase: Use Fit-to-Standard to confirm business action fit and identify gaps in your SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation

After many months of OGC affiliate discussion, in 2015 a new set of OGC policies and procedures for what became termed “Community Standards” were adopted by the OGC Membership. A cardinal of de-facto standards have already been approved as candidate association standards and have entered the new OGC process workflow. These are Cesium 3D Tiles, ASPRS LAS, GeoRSS, and Esri I3S.

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